Jul 26, 2012

in progress...

A conversion of an eclectic late Neoclassical house in Mexico City (circa 1930) into a Cocktail Lounge, Restaurant and Mirador Grill. The Mirador Grill overlooks the neighbourhood surroundings and Mexico City skyline in the background.

A floating deck covered with a tensile canvas structure create a double level space for the MIRADOR GRILL.

The central core of the structure is the concrete volume that forms the new elevator well.

A steel structure supported by the elevator volume forms the wooden deck frame. The upper steel frame holds the tensile canvas roof.  

The floating structure acts as a lamp-roof and "mirador" on top of the existing house.

House in Roma MX.

Fyodor Schechtel, probably the largest figure in Russian Art Nouveau, built his own house in neoclassical style. 1900-1920.

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