Mar 23, 2011

We are already working on the project of the first real NATURADO. Location is central area in Mexico City.

NATURADOS+_VERTICAL GREEN PARKING BLOCKS_for a better environment and a comfortable city life...

NATURADOS are more than car parking buildings, NATURADOS is SOCIAL PHYSICAL SPACE wrapped inside vertical gardens. These new urban components integrate in single architectural structures different activities of urban life. Based on the need for car parking space, a new architectural "gender" that offers mixed use space for citizens and vertical gardens for the city...

Mexico City –arround 18 million people and several million cars- does not have a “public” car parking system. NATURADOS is established on top of an existing already functional network owned by COPEMSA. Present facilities are just empty lots where cars are parked on poorly paved street level surface. As the city desperateley requires a great number of parking spaces people is forced to use these basic facilities. The idea is to to insert a new type of urban component that retains the present use mixed with a range of complementary spaces. These structures contain retail space and services plus different sorts of community facilities assambled into these green modular blocks. NATURADOS are multilevel buildings wrapped with vegetation. Different scale new generation SOCIAL PHYSICAL SPACES based in the need for car parking will become dynamic spots for city life. This strategy ensures both, realism and use of multiple proven locations within the city structure. According to preliminary estimates the number of car spots will be MULTIPLIED BY SIX. COPEMSA holds arround 70,000 car spots in 100 different sites. Projection is 420,000 car spots plus complementary spaces in SAME 100 sites. NATURADOS is a radical realistic upgrade operation that goes far beyond the basic original requirements. NATURADOS ARE MUCH MORE THAN CAR PARKING BUILDINGS...

Still in early stages, a major improvement is being developed: COPEMSA has planned to bring electric vehicles (cars) into the mexican market. This would mean NATURADOS may include re-charging facilities...

G55_NATURADOS_01 is the first application as a REAL BUILDING of the NATURADOS concept. The CONCEPTUAL design has been released as a DESCRIPTIVE and ABSTRACT proposal contained in . The actual architectural characteristics of each green block –shape, height and layout- depends on the context and the zoning. Complementary uses of each piece are defined according to location and comprehensive analysis of social and economic characteristic of the neighborhood. Nevertheless, all cases contain the basic FEATURES of NATURADOS: first one to three levels for spaces such as retail, free acces internet cafes, recollection of recyclable materials, etc. A number of storeys for car parking, and one or two top levels for community "green space” activities such as roof farming, sports centers, assamby space, gyms. and swimming pools, etc.

Mexican style parking. Inefficient surface parking scattered through the urban fabric.

CONCEPT 100 VERTICAL PARKING GREEN BLOCKS +... for a better environment and a comfortable city life...

First REAL case is a low rise structure as required by zoning.

G55_NATURADOS_01 The main structure is a steel framework formed by columns and beams. Each labeled structural member is supplied with joints required for bolt assemby. The welding and cutting operations are performed under controlled environmental conditions at the workshop. This allows a clean and rapid construction work that minimizes pollution, traffic blocking and risks...

Re-used billboard canvas creates the floating large "parasol" that shades the basketball courts.

The fifth façade is the floating "parasol".

Re-used lumber produced on site forms a random design that functions as vertical screen.

The third slab is different. As rain water is collected and stored, this level is an exposed crete slab is a composite element shaped as an extense "dish" and a "floating" deck made of permable panels. Below this panels, the "dish" is leveled to drain water down to the basement tanks while panels remain strictly horizontal.

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